Florida's WKMG-TV Spreads Misinformation On Obamacare From State Officials Hired To Help Citizens Sign Up (Video)


Florida TV station WKMG Local 6 reported false information to viewers this week when they claimed that a bad credit score will mean higher health insurance premiums when it comes to Obamacare.

To be clear, a credit score is not required or taken into account when a person signs up for Obamacare, according to a representative at HealthCare.gov who spoke with Raw Story.

WKMG-TV anchor Louis Bolden reported twice on Tuesday that credit scores will “have a big impact” how much people pay for Obamacare.

"Louis, a lot of people want to know why credit scores are determining how much they pay," an anchor said on the 6 p.m. news broadcast.”

“Well, Lisa, it was explained to us like this,” Bolden said. “It’s like buying a house or a car. Your credit score and other factors can determine your interest rate. In this case it can determine how much you pay in premium.”

WKMG reported Tuesday that the lead health care navigator in Florida, Ann Packham, who they cited in the report, has admitted she was wrong.

Packham told WKMG that people signing up for the Affordable Care Act on HealthCare.gov would have to disclose their credit score. The station received numerous email complaints that her statement were incorrect. Packham is licensed by the state of Florida to help people navigate the new healthcare law, but in this case she was misinformed.

“Basically the eligibility requirements for keeping your monthly premiums low is based on your income,” a HealthCare.gov representative told Raw Story.

Credit is something taken into account when it comes to other insurance, like a homeowner’s policy. But rather than making your premium fluctuate, it would make a person ineligible from buying a policy from that company to begin with – the kind of denial of coverage that Obamacare is trying to eliminate in healthcare.

Sources: Raw StoryWKMG


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