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Florida Woman Vickie Rock Helps Neighbor By Fatally Shooting Abusive Boyfriend

A man is dead after a Florida woman came to the aid of one her neighbors early on Saturday morning.

Cristy Vasilakos was arguing with her boyfriend, Daniel Robertson, when she kicked him out her apartment. Robertson had been drinking and came back to the apartment and smashed a few windows.

The argument spilled onto the sidewalk and woke up Vickie Rock, who was staying the night at her boyfriend's apartment upstairs. Rock, 50, came downstairs armed with a .45-caliber handgun. She saw Robertson, 56, striking Vasilakos with a metal object and tried to intervene.

Rock was struck in the face and then fired at least one round that struck Robertson. He stumbled away and was found dead in the parking lot a few minutes later by deputies.

Vasilakos, 40, is still trying to process what happened.

"He was hurting me," she said. "I don't know what he was going through. I'm just really upset."

The two met in church more than eight years ago and he had never struck her before, The Herald Tribune reported.

"He wasn't a bad guy, which is why it is hard to believe this happened," she said. "I really thought he was a mentor for me."

Vasilakos had never met Rock before and had no idea that she had a gun. She also did not realize how seriously Robertson had been injured.

"I had no idea he was dying," she said.

"She was doing her part," Vasilakos said of Rock. "I feel like she stood her ground. He was on top of her when she shot him."

No charges have been filed as of yet.

Sources: The Herald Tribune, Northwest News And Tribune


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