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Florida Woman Tries to Have Her Neighbor's Home Demolished Because She Doesn't Like Her

A Florida woman called a demolition company to have a mobile home and septic tank demolished. The demolition was halted, however, when it came to light that the woman didn’t actually own the home. Turns out, she wanted to have the home razed because she didn’t like the people who lived there.

62-year-old Ana Moreta Folch called a land-clearing company to ask for a supposedly unoccupied mobile home she owned to be torn down, according to WKMG. But as the company started to bulldoze the home on Dusty Road, the owner showed up and promptly called the authorities.

Folch apparently told deputies that she didn’t like the owners, and that she was doing them a favor by having their home destroyed.

According to the arrest report, Folch found the occupants “unsavory.” She claimed they had once tried to break into her car.

The Florida Times-Union writes that the trailer’s actual owner, Maria Gottfried, said that she and Folch had never butted heads. Gottfried didn’t know how Folch had gotten a key to her home.

$25,000 worth of damage had already been done when the demolition stopped.

Folch has been charged with felony property damage, according to the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office. She was released on $10,000 bail Wednesday.

Sources: WKMG, Associated Press


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