Florida Woman Slices Attacker's Throat With Razor

A Florida woman saved herself from being raped after she pulled a razor from her bra and slashed her attacker’s throat. ​

According to the woman, Kenneth Taylor approached her from a store and the two began to chat. As they walked toward an empty lot, Taylor reportedly pushed the woman to the ground and hit her several times in the face.

Luckily, the woman managed to pull a razor from her bra and slice Taylor’s throat. When Taylor fled from the scene, the woman called police to the intersection of North 13th Street and Avenue G in Fort Pierce.

Taylor left a backpack at the scene, which contained a Taco Bell cap that led police to a local Taco Bell restaurant. After police talked with the store’s manager and described Taylor, the manager helped identify the attacker.

Taylor was later arrested. He was charged with kidnapping and unlawful detention. 

Sources: World Wide Weird News, Washington Weekly News

Photo Credit: Washington Weekly News 


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