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Florida Woman Shavonna Rumph Assaults Boyfriend After He Refused to Cuddle

Florida woman Shavonna Rumph was arrested Saturday night after she allegedly pulled a knife on her boyfriend after he refused to cuddle with her.

An argument ensued at the couple’s Manatee home where the two spent the night drinking alcohol. When Rumph’s boyfriend refused to spoon, Rumph became outraged.

Rumph tried to grab her boyfriend’s shirt, according to police, and managed to tear it. When Rumph’s boyfriend attempted to leave the house and prevent any further arguing, Rumph reportedly pulled out a kitchen knife and made a stabbing motion.

Despite the threat, Rumph’s boyfriend said he was not afraid of getting hurt.

Both Rumph and her boyfriend were unharmed after the argument.

"We got into an argument because [he] would not cuddle with me,” Rumph later told Manatee County deputies.

Rumph was charged with misdemeanor domestic battery and posted $250 bond. She was released on Sunday.

Sources: NY Daily News, UPI


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