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Florida Woman Leads Outrage Against West Virginia School For Teaching About Islam (Video)

Floridian Diannae Lynn Savage made the news in December 2014 when she posted an angry video rant against a high school in North Carolina that was teaching a class that included a sentence completion test with references to Muhammad.

The Floridian's anti-Muslim Facebook video was shared over 50,000 times.

Now, Savage has uploaded some pictures on Facebook of posters about a class lesson on Islamic culture that took place in a West Virginia school.

Savage listed the principal's name, Debra Hall, the school phone number and added:

"A cultural diversity course they did on Western culture ... more indoctrination. I spoke with Ms. Hall for about 20 minutes this morning already. She is standing by it even though she said, 'We are in the Bible belt and we are all good people here.' I told her please look up Brigette Brigitte Gabriel and the videos she has done on our curriculum and our colleges. Get educated about what you are teaching our kids. I also told her that if she were to take a stand and say, 'NO we wont teach this.' She would have more parents supporting her than she could count. Let's get this message to this principal!!!" reported how one of Savage's followers Shaun Adkins, a former Marine, posted a video (below) on YouTube in which said he explained how he didn't hate Muslims, but did hate Islam. He claimed that "approximately 20 to 25 percent of all Muslims are of the radical nature" and pray every day to a "false god for your death."

According to the West Virginia Gazette, the school principal, identified as Robin Hall, has received angry calls from New York, Florida and Arizona.

Hall explained that West Virginia law requires that public schools include multicultural activities into their lessons.

“We’re all very, very upset,” Hall told the West Virginia Gazette. “We have a good school, great students, great faculty and a wonderful community.”

Hall added that a school employee posted a video to Facebook of some posters that had been left over from an October 2014 lesson.

“It’s been crazy ever since,” added Hall. “The ones that have called me, they don’t think that the Middle East should be mentioned in the school at all unless you do the bad part about it. You know, that these people are out to kill us and all of that."

“It just felt like, if they had an issue with something they saw, particularly generated by a student or students, they should have asked us first,” Hall stated. “These kids are like my own kids. As hard as I work for them to have a good school, it disturbs me that anybody would think I’d do anything to harm them in any way.”

Sources: Facebook,, West Virginia Gazette
Image Credit: Facebook Screenshot


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