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Florida Woman, Jean Dixon, Arrested After Argument About Getting Sweat On A Couch

A Florida woman’s decision to put a sheet over a couch to protect it from a man’s sweat ended with her in jail earlier this month.

The St. Lucie County woman, Jean Dixon, allegedly attacked the sweaty 67-year-old man with whom she lived, after he questioned the need for covering the couch, according to

Police showed up to Dixon and the man’s home on the morning of Aug. 1, in response to domestic disturbance report.

"They got into a verbal argument in the living room over putting a sheet on the couch because (the 67-year-old man) sweats a lot," a police report says.

Dixon allegedly ripped the man’s shirt, crushed his glasses and scratched him so much that he locked himself in a room to escape her. She told police that the man hit her too.

Dixon dialed 911 when he refused to open the door, and police arrested her on a battery charge.



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