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Florida Woman Hurt After Bullet Left in Oven Explodes

A Florida woman is lucky to be alive today after being wounded by bullets that exploded inside her oven as she was attempting to make a quick snack.

Aalaya Walker, 18, was preheating the oven inside her Tampa apartment on Monday, planning to make herself some breakfast waffles. What Walker did not know at the time is that her roommate, Javarski 'JJ' Sandy, had previously stashed his pistol magazine inside the appliance. 

Once the oven reached a high temperature, Walker was hit in the chest and the leg by the shrapnel from at least one of the live rounds. The ammunition basically cooked off and exploded when Ms Walker turned on the heat.

Sandy, who legally owns the .45-caliber Glock 21 semi-automatic pistol, told police that he took the magazine out of his gun and put it in the oven. He then proceeded to put the gun itself in a drawer, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Sandy never explained to officers why the clip which contained four live rounds was stored inside the oven. 

After an initial investigation, police determined that Sandy, who currently works at WalMart, had in fact committed no crime. He was not charged.

Ms Walker was quoted as saying that she picked brass shell casing fragments out of her skin as she took the bus to the local hospital.

Officers on the scene described her injuries as 'superficial' and not life threatening. Walker is expected to make a full recovery with no problems.

The oven in question did not have a working temperature gauge on it, so officers were not able to determine exactly how hot it was when the live rounds ignited. However, the magazine had melted and the oven itself was heavily damaged.

Some reports indicate that pistol ammunition can ignite at temperatures as low as 290 degrees. However, without the high-pressure of a gun chamber, the round is less likely to be deadly since the explosive force is dispersed.

Source: (Daily Mail)


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