Florida Woman Fined for Cat in Wheelchair and Not in Leash


One Florida woman received over S200 in fines on Tuesday after taking her wheelchair bound cat out for a walk without a leash.

Brevard County Animal Services issued Yvonne Steele $230 in tickets for not having her cat, Pooh Bear, and Mackenzie, a Chihuahua, on leashes, and for a rabies shot violation, KXAN reports.

Pooh Bear’s front legs are fine, it’s his back legs that are the problem. Steele purchased a device with wheels from Ebay to help Pooh Bear walk. She calls it a wheelchair.

Steele takes Pooh Bear out for a walk every day in a grassy area next to Wells Park on Fee Avenue in Melbourne because “he needs the exercise for his back legs.”

But Animal Services says the law is the law, disabled cat or not.

“She had been warned that it was not legal to do that,” Bob Brown, with the Brevard County Animal Services, said. “Basically, we have someone who is just not getting the fact that you have to be in control of the animal when it’s off your property.”

Steele still doesn’t agree with the citation, or law.

“That was my very first knowledge that cats could not be allowed off-leash,” Steele said. “I wouldn’t even known where to put the leash, to be quite honest.”

But Animal Services officials insist that even disabled animals have to abide by the leash law.

“Your animal could be injured, it could be hurt, it can run out in the street, it could be attacked by another animal,” Brown said. “Its just the law that we have to follow.”

Police say they have video of Steele walking her dogs without leashes, according to WESH.

“The fact there’s so much crime here, they should have been looking into pedophiles, people with knives,” Steel said. She calls the video recording a waste of police resources. But police are calling it proof.

Sources: KXAN, WESH


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