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Florida Woman Fakes Rape To Cover For Missing Work, Police Say

A 21-year-old Florida woman was arrested for filing a false police report in order to cover for missing work.

Alexandra Anne Westover, 21, reported a broad-daylight sexual assault on the Florida Turnpike. Westover claimed she had a flat tire around 9 am on Tuesday. When she pulled over, a man in a white vehicle also pulled over and asked if she needed help. She said the man attacked and sexually assaulted her in her car.

More than 100 man-hours were wasted in the search for the rapist before Westover admitted to lying, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

Florida Highway Patrol had already reviewed the rush-hour tape from the turnpike and never found Westover’s vehicle among the images. They pressed her about whether she was lying, but she stood by her story.

On Thursday, Westover’s father called the sheriff’s office and told them the story was a hoax.

Westover admitted to a sheriff’s deputy that she made up the story so she wouldn’t get in trouble for missing work at he great-uncle’s home.

She was charged with false report of a crime and perjury. She was released without ball on Friday.

Sources: New York Daily News, Orlando Sentinel


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