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Florida Woman Confesses To Dismembering, Baking And Boiling Victim's Body

After hearing a decently chilling confession of murder, body dismemberment and baking human limbs, a Florida grand jury decided to upgrade 42-year-old Angela Stoldt’s second-degree murder charge to a first-degree murder charge.

According to the NY Daily News, Stoldt stood in front of the grand jury and went on to describe her tale of alleged “self-defense,” which included giving 36-year-old Jimmie Sheaffer a pharmaceutical cocktail and then driving to a local cemetery.

Stoldt went on to say that the two began to argue when Sheaffer demanded that she give him a $4,000 loan. For an undisclosed reason, Sheaffer and Stoldt shared a bank account, which was frequently overdrawn. According to Stoldt, Sheaffer became aggravated when she refused to loan him the money.

"He starts coming at me and he didn't even really hit me but he scared me, and I just snapped," Stoldt said.

Allegedly Stoldt, fearing for her life, ran back to her vehicle and managed to find an icepick, which she then used to stab through the eye of Sheaffer. She then used a rope from her trunk to strangle Sheaffer.

Stoldt told investigators that, after dragging the body to her home, she dismembered it and attempted to boil and bake the limbs as a way to get rid of the evidence. When these bizarre methods failed to work, Stoldt asked her son to help dispose of a “deer carcass” in a nearby dumpster.

"Thursday is when I was cooking him," Stoldt told investigators. "Friday is when I was dumping him. I'm sorry, but I put Jimmie where he belonged, in my opinion at the time."

Authorities did not reveal the relationship between Sheaffer and Stoldt, so it remains unclear if the two were romantically involved. Stoldt claimed that Sheaffer had “ruined her life,” but investigators failed to address the underlying motives.

Three weeks after the murder, Stoldt confessed to her family members who then notified police. If Stoldt is convicted, prosecutors will not seek the death penalty, instead aiming for life in prison. 

Source: NY Daily News / Photo Credit: WESH


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