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Florida Woman Speaks Out After Cop Accuses Her Of Resisting Arrest

A woman in central Florida has filed a complaint with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, claiming a deputy broke her car window during a traffic stop earlier this month. The police officer, however, charged her with resisting arrest.

Shadya Miguel, 24, denies claims that she was resisting arrest during a recent traffic stop, WOFL News reports. 

“He opened my passenger door and told me to unlock the door, and to stop resisting the officer,” she told WOFL in a recent interview. “I'm screaming. I'm hysterical. I'm like I'm not resisting at all.”

She recalled telling the officer, "The door is unlocked" multiple times.

According to the arrest report, the deputy pulled Miguel over because damage to the back of her car made it difficult to read the license plate.

The deputy reportedly believed that the plate was registered to a black Hyundai, not the white Chevrolet Miguel was driving. 

The only problem was, Miguel couldn’t find her registration. 

“He came back to the car and he asked me for my registration,” she said. “I said I don't have it with me at this time. He said, ‘OK, step out of the vehicle.’ I said, ‘OK, can you explain to me why?’”

Miguel added that after she asked the question, the officer immediately got "aggravated."

 “‘Step out of the vehicle,’ he asked again," she said. "I said, ‘I'm a little uncomfortable could you please just let me know why.’”

The deputy said in the report that he wanted a better look at the VIN on the car. 

But Miguel says she was never told a reason. 

The deputy says in the report that Miguel grew argumentative so he called for back up. The report also states that Miguel closed her driver’s window and locked her door. 

“I am trying to figure out what’s going on and I saw him come out of his car with a wooden baton and immediately start bashing the window in,” Miguel said.

The report notes the deputy misread Miguel’s car tag. 

She was eventually arrested and charged with resisting an officer. But she has also filed a complaint against the deputy. 

The Sheriff’s Office professional standards office confirmed with WOFL that they have received the complaint but reportedly did not comment further.

News of the alleged incident comes just over a year after a former University of Central Florida (UCF) student was found guilty of battery and resisting arrest without violence after her window was broken during a traffic stop. 

Victoria King claimed UCF Police officer Timothy Isaacs needlessly broke her driver-side window while she was receiving a citation for a broken tail light, the Orlando Sentinel reported at the time.

The officer said he had asked King to roll down her window further and she had refused, then he asked her to step out of the car. Isaacs claimed he had grabbed the window and reached into the car with his other hand and the window broke. The officer added that he was injured after he removed his arm from the window.

King was later sentenced to probation and community service, the Sentinel reported. 

Sources: WOFL News, Orlando Sentinel(2)

Photo credit: Scott Davidson/Flickr, WOFL News


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