Florida Woman Claims 'Diplomatic Immunity' During Traffic Stop, Say Police

Janine McCune was recently stopped for allegedly speeding and talking on a cellphone while driving in Orland Park, Florida, but reportedly claimed that she had "diplomatic immunity."

According to the police report, McCune wasn't able to show a driver's license or insurance information to the officer, and claimed that her name was Ramsieyh S. Rael.

The police officer checked the license plate, which showed that McCune had a suspended license, reports Patch.com.

Before McCune was arrested by the police officer, she reportedly removed a work tag with her name on it.

"I asked her where they were at," the police officer wrote in his report. "She indicated she never had anything clipped to her. This information made me suspicious that Ramsieyh may not be truthful."

The officer searched McCune's car and found her work tag with the name Janine McCune on it.

"[McCune] insisted her name was Ramsieyh" and was "Moorish and had diplomatic immunity," said the police report.

McCune was hit with multiple charges, including speeding, driving on a suspended license, driving an uninsured car and talking on a cellphone while driving.

The Southern Poverty Law Center reports there are an estimated 300,000 self-declared "sovereign citizens" in the U.S. who are mostly white.

However, there are a small number of black Americans who call themselves "sovereign citizens" and follow a theory created by black nationalist Noble Drew Ali nearly a century ago.

Ali and his Moorish Science Temple of America taught that black “Moors” were the original Americans and their descendants are legally entitled to "diplomatic immunity" as they are a nation within a nation.

Sources: Southern Poverty Law Center and Patch.com


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