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Florida Woman Charged After Photographing Herself Having Sex With A Dog

A Florida woman has been arrested and charged after photos of her having sex with her dog were discovered on her cellphone.

According to Bradenton Herald, 18-year-old Ashley Miller was charged with two counts of misdemeanor sexual activities with animals after the photos surfaced. Police discovered the photos while reportedly investigating the transmission of harmful material to a minor, and they were shocked when they saw that the woman was engaging in sexual activity with her pit bull named “2-face.”

The photos were reportedly stored in a folder titled “2-face fun” that the 18-year-old kept on her phone, and overall, police discovered 17 photos of the dog performing oral sex on a female. After being interviewed, Miller admitted to being the woman in the photos, reports The Smoking Gun.

While talking to police, Miller said that her dog has “licked her vagina approximately 30 to 40 times” since the 18-year-old has owned her. Miller explained that she would, “call 2-face into her room, take her pants off, open her legs and 2-face would lick her vagina.”

Miller posted $1,000 bail on June  14, the day after her initial arrest, and is scheduled to face a court for her arraignment on July 14.

Sources: The Smoking Gun, Bradenton Herald

Photo Source: The Smoking Gun


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