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Florida Woman Arrested For Domestic Abuse After Fight About Sex Position In A Parking Lot Turns Violent

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A 45-year-old Florida woman was arrested Nov.14 after a strange series of events that started with a trip to a storage unit with her ex-husband, reports The Smoking Gun.

Wendy Luper and Michael Vaccaro went to go recover some of his things from their storage unit in Bradenton.

The pair were married for 12 years, divorced and has reunited in the past six months, reports the Bradenton Herald.

While parked in the back of the edifice, “Luper got undressed, and asked Vaccaro if we wanted to have sexual intercourse,” say Police.

But Luper “did not want to have sexual intercourse in that position and stated no,” according to court documents.

During an ensuing quarrel, Luper purportedly hit Vaccaro in the head with a thrown object. As her husband tried to remove some of his possessions from the car’s back seat, Luper allegedly accelerated the car “with Vaccaro still half way inside the vehicle.” When Vaccaro exited out of the car, Luper ran over his right foot.

By the time authorities arrived at the facility, Vaccaro was bleeding from a head gash and his right foot was swollen. Luper later returned to the scene after being contacted by authorities. “She was unable to explain” Vaccaro’s wounds and added that ‘Vaccaro wanted to have sex with her,” according to police.

Luper, who works as a housekeeper, was arrested for domestic battery. She was put in jail on the misdemeanor charge and released from custody on Nov. 15 after posting a $750 bail.

In August, Luper was arrested after allegedly punching Vaccaro in the face, neck, and arm after he snubbed her demand to do laundry.

Sources: The Smoking Gun, Bradenton Herald / Photo credit: Palm Beach Post

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