Florida Woman Arrested After Performing Sexual Act In Public

A naked hairdresser stopped traffic in Orlando, Florida, over the weekend after she performed a sexual act on top of one couple’s car and threw a tantrum when police arrived.

Police arrived on the scene Sunday night after Amie Carter was spotted by drivers walking down the street with no clothes on. The 31-year-old reportedly approached a white 2008 Lexus occupied by Eric and Sarah Carlson and “fondled herself” in front of the car. Then, Carter climbed on top of the car’s hood and stomped on it, making multiple dents. She then threw a cellphone at another vehicle.

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According to officers, Carter appeared to be heavily under the influence of some unknown substance.

“She appeared in an altered mental state, displaying extremely irrational and volatile behavior,” the police report read.

When Carter was asked to get out of the street, she refused. Officers then attempted to wrestle Carter to the ground as she pulled and kicked her legs. Police finally managed to cuff her and cover her in a blanket before driving her to Florida Hospital South for observation.

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Carter was charged with criminal mischief and exposure of sexual organs. She was detained in Orange County Jail where she remains on a $1,100 bond.

The Carlsons intend to press charges against Carter, who reportedly caused $1,500 in damages to their Lexus.

Sources: Daily Mail, Gossip Extra / Photo Credit: Facebook, Orange County Jail via DailyMail


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