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Florida Woman Allegedly Disposed Of Her Father's And Daughter's Bodies With A Tactic From 'Criminal Minds'

A Florida woman has been arrested for allegedly brutally murdering her father and young daughter after their body parts were discovered hidden in a neighbor’s shed.

Police believe 25-year-old Cheyanne Jessie killed her 6-year-old daughter Meredith and Meredith’s 50-year-old grandfather, Mark Weekly, because she feared the child would interfere with her love life. 

Authorities say the family members were shot and stabbed before their bodies were left in plastic storage bins in Jessie’s landlord’s shed. The woman from Lakeland, Florida, told investigators she had learned to dispose of the bodies this way by watching an episode of the fictional CBS television series, “Criminal Minds,” NY Daily News reported.

Weekly and Meredith were last seen July 18 at Weekly’s Lakeland home. Reports say Meredith was left in her grandfather’s care. They were reported missing by family members on Aug. 1, according to NBC Miami. Their decomposing bodies were discovered on Aug. 2.

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Reports say Jessie called authorities with a fabricated missing person report after family members were questioning of Weekly and Meredith’s whereabouts.

Jessie told authorities after Weekly was diagnosed with terminal cancer he took his granddaughter to Georgia so the two could spend his remaining months together, Daily Mail reported. Investigators quickly regarded her claim as suspicious, according to Daily Mail.

In a press conference Aug. 2, Polk Sheriff Grady Judd said Jessie “viciously murdered” her daughter and father over concerns that Meredith would get in the way of her relationship with a new boyfriend, NBC Miami reported. 

“I know she didn’t like her daughter too much. I do know that,” said Ruby Poore, a family friend. “She’s always getting into trouble. She’s a handful.”

During an interview with investigators, officials say Jessie failed to shed a single tear over the deaths of Meredith and Weekly, Daily News reported. 

Authorities have yet to determine Jessie’s motive behind the killing of the father, NBC Miami reported.

“We can’t understand in our minds how someone could murder their 6-year-old baby girl and murder their dad,” Judd said. “But that’s exactly what she did and she showed no emotion.”

Jessie has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder and one count of tampering with evidence. She was set to appear in court Aug. 3.

Source: NY Daily News, NBC Miami / Photo credit: Polk County Sheriff's Office via NY Daily News


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