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Florida Toddler Suffers Severe Burns After Oven Explodes


An 18-month-old Florida boy has suffered severe burns to his face after an oven exploded in his home, reports CBS 12.

The young boy, Martavius Golden, was reportedly burned when the oven in his Fort Pierce, Florida, home exploded in his face on Nov. 2.

The boy was reportedly standing in the kitchen when his mother tried to turn on the oven to preheat it. Instead, she accidentally turned on the bottom broiler drawer of the oven, which the family was using to store flammable cans of bug spray.

Minutes after the broiler was heated, the aerosol cans exploded and knocked the door of the oven open just as the toddler was crawling by.

The resulting fire reportedly burned the boy from his waist to his face.

The child was transported by helicopter to Orlando Regional Medical Center, where he is currently receiving treatment for the burns to his face and lungs. 

The St. Lucie County fire investigators who responded to the incident told WPTV News that a resident in the home must have stored the cans of bug spray in the broiler without realizing the potential dangers they posed.

"We think there was a pretty good sized fireball that the kid was consumed in," District Chief Nate Spera told WPTV.

In light of the incident, Spera warns anyone who owns an oven to look inside before turning it on.

"Before you turn an oven on, check it," he said. "You may have left a pot in there from yesterday. You may have a flammable that somebody stored in there."

Source: WPTV News, CBS 12 / Photo credit: CBS 12


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