Florida Teen's 'Groundbreaking' Science Experiment Questioned By Other Scientist


A teenage girl’s sixth grade “groundbreaking” science experiment has caused one researcher who works with the girl’s father to say that the family intentionally ignored his previous findings and discredited him in their published research.

Lauren Arrington, 13, started her science experiment on lionfish and the level of salinity in the Florida water they could survive in about two years ago, according to the Blaze.

Her father, Dr. Albrey Arrington, is the head of the Loxahatchee River District.

Lauren found that the lionfish could survive in nearly freshwater, and another scientist confirmed her work.

“I’m still like ‘Oh wow I did something not even a Ph.D. scientist had done before,” she said to the Palm Beach Post.

Zack Jud, another scientist who worked with Lauren’s father, said that he published a paper along with Albrey Arrington with results similar to Lauren’s in 2011.

On his Facebook page, Jud posted a status saying that he did not want to discourage Lauren from pursuing science, but he thinks that the Arrington family is not giving him his due credit intentionally.

Jud noted that Lauren’s story has been picked up by major news outlets and that in his career, the “exposure would be invaluable.”

Albrey Arrington said that Lauren decided to pursue the experiment after reading the 2011 paper, but took the research a step further and had her own original ideas.

Source: The Blaze, Photo Credit: Albrey Arrington


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