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Florida Teen Saves Elderly Man's Life At Restaurant

Florida teen Elinor Courson saved a man’s life after going out to eat with her family.

Elinor, 17, and her family were eating at a local restaurant on Oct. 4 in Central Florida when she noticed an older man sitting alone having a medical problem, Fox News reports.

Elinor's mother, Hillary Courson, rushed over and put her arms around him. She asked him to talk to her, but he soon collapsed.

“I felt everything just fall out of him. There was no movement, no more breath,” Hillary told Fox News. “I turned to my husband and said it is time. You have to call 911.”

Shocked customers then helped move the man to the floor.

When Elinor, a senior at Lake Brantley High School, realized that none of the restaurant patrons were nurses or doctors who could aid the man, she decided to put her CPR training to the test.

She started counting tens and pumping the man’s chest. Although it took her a while, the man began to move before paramedics arrived.

The elderly man was rushed to the hospital and is currently in recovery.

Hillary noted that she is proud of her daughter and expects nothing less.

Teenagers have often stepped up to save their elders in the past. In 2012, for instance, Oregon teen Gabe Shallouf performed CPR on a man after he had passed out while mowing his lawn, Today reported at the time.

Sources: Fox News, Today

Photo Credit: Fox News 


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