Florida Teen Saved By Her Dog When Bear Randomly Attacks Her


A 15-year-old Florida girl was brutally attacked by a bear while walking her dog last weekend, and thankfully, her loyal pooch stepped in to help save her life.

According to reports, Leah Reeder was out walking her dog at 6 pm on Sunday when out of nowhere, a bear tackled her to the ground. Reeder recalls that as she rolled over to her stomach and began screaming, she realized that nobody was listening.

“I guess nobody heard me,” Reeder told the Apalach Times from her hospital room. “After I realized nobody was coming, I stopped screaming, and it started dragging me to the ditch.”

Reeder says that in that moment, her gut instinct was to play dead, and as soon as she stopped screaming, the bear stopped biting. It was then that her dog Ralph, a springer spaniel, stepped in to fight the bear off. The 25-pound dog began yelling and launching towards the bear, and finally, the bear fell back into a ditch and ran away.

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Now, Reeder is recovering from her extensive injuries in a hospital.

“It bit her face open, and beside her ear on her scalp,” Reeder’s mother Sheri Mann said. “It was very, very bad. Even as I sit here now, I can't believe it happened. She managed to crack a few smiles at me before she went in for surgery.”

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says they believe they shot and killed the bear that attacked Reeder.

Sources:Daily Mail, The Apalach Times, ABC News / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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