Florida Teen Malik Whiter Tweets Selfie With Teacher Going Into Labor


A junior at Coral Springs High School recently tweeted a picture of his teacher going into labor and himself grinning in front of her. The photo has since gone viral.

The caption reads: “Selfie with my teacher while she having contractions.”

The Florida student, Malik Whiter, smiles at the camera and is clearly excited, showing his teacher in the background. Susana Hallack can be seen in the midst of contractions as she calls her mother to assure her that everything is fine.

“I told her to smile but and she said no,” Whiter tweeted. “So I got her off guard.”

As it turned out, the baby was not ready to be delivered. After being checked out of the hospital, the teacher later returned to class.

“I have honestly laughed until I cried looking at that pic on two different occasions tonight,” Whiter later tweeted. “Think I’m making it my wallpaper.”

Whiter’s picture has inspired a series of parodies featuring his face pasted onto other inappropriate times, like the Crucifixion of Christ and the explosion of a blimp as it falls to the earth in flames.

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Sources: Daily Caller, Policy Mic


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