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Police: Florida Man Shoots, Injures Step-Daughter's Teenage Boyfriend

A Florida teen was sent to the hospital this weekend after a visit to his girlfriend’s home in Apopka didn’t go as planned, deputies say.

Instead of being greeted by his girlfriend upon his arrival, the 16-year-old boy was confronted outside the home by her stepfather and her stepfather’s friend. Each had a shotgun, according to Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

"The 16-year-old boy comes over to the house to visit the girlfriend, who lives there," Orange County sheriff's Lt. Paul Hopkins said.  "The father and the boyfriend don't get along very well, so the father of the girlfriend answers the door with a shotgun in his hand."

The incident, which occurred Sunday afternoon around 4 p.m., left the boy with minor injuries after the gun went off while pointed at his face, according to Orlando Sentinel. Fortunately, the shot only grazed the teen’s head, and he suffered only non-life threatening injuries.

The girl’s stepfather, 50-year-old Alvin Knight, was arrested on charges of aggravated battery with a firearm. 

In an act to show the girl’s stepfather that he was not afraid of him, the teen grabbed the barrel of the shotgun Knight held, and pointed it at his own face, according to Click Orlando. That is when the shotgun went off, and the bullet grazed the boy's head.

The boy was transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center for his injuries, while Knight was taken to jail. Knight was later released after posting bond. 

Knight did not leave with police peacefully and was combative and aggressive as he was taken into custody, Click Orlando reported.

According to court records, Knight has a prior criminal history, including charges of assault, drug offensives, driving violations, and burglary convictions.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, Click Orlando

Photo credit: Click Orlando


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