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Florida Teen Hits Armed Robber With Tire Iron, Body Slams Him To The Ground

A Florida teenager says he was just protecting himself this week when he used a tire iron to fight off a man with a knife.

Luther Dunn, 32, reportedly pulled a knife on 17-year-old Nate Stewart and demanded money from him on Sept. 18.

“If he wouldn't have brought the weapon, I wouldn't have been worried about it, because he was just talking, but once he pulled out the weapon, I mean I didn't have no choice," Nate told WFTS News. 

Nate was waiting alone in his mom’s car outside a gas station in Lakeland, Florida, when Dunn reportedly pulled the knife on him.

Police said the teen first ran into the store, where his mom, Kim Stewart, works, but when he returned outside Dunn approached him again. 

Nate opened the trunk of the car and grabbed a tire iron to fight off Dunn, then beat the suspect with it before body-slamming him to the ground, according to a police report obtained by WTVT News.

“Nate picked him up, flipped him upside down and dropped him on his head,” Kim told WTVT.  “I thought he broke his neck.”

Dunn was taken to a hospital with cuts and bruises, according to WFTS. He was later arrested and faces charges of attempted armed robbery, according to WTVT. His arrest photo shows him with a bruised eye and numerous cuts and dried blood on his face. 

Kim said she is proud of her son. 

“I didn’t realize he was that strong though,” she said. 

Sources: WFTS News, WTVT News

Photo Credit: Polk County Sheriff’s Office


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