'Love Me Forever' Orphan Returned To Adoption Agency

A 16-year-old Florida orphan, who thought he had finally found a family to take care of him, is back at an adoption agency after suffering a troubling setback. 

Davion Navar Henry Only is back in Florida after an Ohio family, who had agreed to adopt him, said he was no longer welcome in their home after a physical altercation that involved the father, Only, and one of the family’s three children.

Only captured the hearts of thousands in October when he gave an impassioned speech to a packed St. Petersburg, Fla., church saying that he wanted to find a family that would “love me forever.” 

The teen made the plea just weeks after discovering that his mother, who gave birth to him while she was in prison, had died. He realized then that no biological relative would be coming to take him out of the adoption agency where he had lived since his birth.

"I'll take anyone," Only told the church audience. "Old or young, dad or mom, black, white, purple. I don't care. And I would be really appreciative. The best I could be.”

His story went viral and more than 10,000 people contacted the Eckerd adoption agency that was charged with his care, according to ABC News.

After reviewing more than 2,500 requests, Eckerd officials believed they had found a home that would be a good match. The agency arranged for Only to live with the Ohio family for a 90-day trial period. The father of the prospective family was a minister in a local church and had dealt with teens with anger issues. 

"There was an incident in Ohio," Eckerd's director Lorita Shirley told the Tampa Bay Times, the paper that originally reported on Only’s October speech.

Shirley said the Ohio family was aware that Only had anger issues and she had hoped the father was well-suited to help the teen work through them.

"The biggest thing that went wrong is that Davion spent 15 years in the system," said Shirley. "He has a lot of built up anger. It's been very devastating for everyone involved."

"This has been a major setback for him," she said. "Our goal now is to get him treatment."

A statement from Eckerd said the agency will continue to look for a home for Only.

“Davion is a maturing young man whose perspective on life continues to change as it does with most teenagers,” read the statement. “After Davion spent time with a prospective adoptive family this spring, it was determined that the family was not the right fit for him, with that we are asking for privacy during this stage of his life.”

Shirley said the agency will continue to interview prospective families. 

"When he is ready, we will continue down the list of people who have expressed interest in him," she said. "Now, we might be looking at empty-nesters, people who raised teenagers but don't have any other kids in their house. That might be the best match for him."

Only has not been allowed to talk to the media since his return to Florida. The family in Ohio did not respond to requests for comments.

Sources: ABC News, Tampa Bay Times


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