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'I Will Drop You': Florida Teacher's Alleged Bullying Caught On Camera By 11-Year-Old Student


When 11-year-old student Brianna Cooper recorded a cell phone video of her teacher bullying a fellow student, she thought that she was helping her friend out. However, she was reportedly suspended for making the video.

The incident occurred when Cooper recorded her teacher being mean to another student in the Fort Pierce, Florida, classroom.  

Cooper told reporters that she heard the teacher saying: "Don't let size fool you. I will drop you ...  You Don't know me, that's all I'm saying. So, don't give me no look."

The teacher also reportedly went on to tell the student: "You're the biggest kid in the 5th grade and you're acting like the smallest one ... I wonder what your mom looks like."

Claiming that the teacher has a history of bullying students, Cooper decided to take matters into her own hands.

The teacher has since been fired for the incident, with the St. Lucie County School District releasing this statement detailing the matter: 

"The staff at Sam Gaines Academy investigated the incident involving unprofessional behavior by the teacher and took swift, appropriate action. The teacher was dismissed and no longer works for the school system."

Despite helping to gather evidence of the teacher's supposedly unprofessional behavior, Cooper was also punished. She was suspended for five days for making an illegal recording, according to the school.

In the state of Florida, it is illegal to make a video recording of someone without his or her consent. 

Cooper's mother disputed the suspension and an update shows that the school district lifted the suspension, and the student is back in school.

Source: WPTV Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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