Florida Student Sues University Over Gun Ban on Campus

A student at a university in Florida is suing her school because it prohibits her from leaving a gun in her car on a campus parking lot.

KnightNews.com reports that Alexandria Lainez has joined forces with a gun advocacy group called Florida Carry to fight the ban at the University of North Florida. The group said in a statement:

“No public college or university has any right to prevent students from having a firearm in their car as long as the firearm is lawfully possessed under state law. Any public college or university which attempts to restrict students’ rights on this issue is subject to being sued under Florida Firearms Preemption law which was amended this year to make the 24 year old statute easier to enforce by organizations like Florida Carry.”

The school, however, claims it has the right to ban guns in the same way that a public school can. The lawsuit counters that by saying UNF does not qualify for that exemption because it is a university, not part of a local school district.

The school's bylaws read:

Possession, storage or use of firearms, explosives, ammunition, other weapons or dangerous articles or substances including, but not limited to, tasers, switchblade knives, and nonlethal weapons such as air soft guns on University-owned or -affiliated property or at University-sponsored/related activities is prohibited.


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