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UC Florida Student Says Frat Turned Him Away For Being Gay (Video)

A 19-year-old student from the University of Central Florida took to social media after a fraternity allegedly turned him away because they were "uncomfortable" with his sexual orientation.

George Dumont said he got along with his brothers at Beta Theta Pi when he rushed the fraternity last fall. But five days before initiation he says he was removed from the pledge group without any explanation.

“Finally one brother” told Dumont “people were uncomfortable with some of the things that were said, a.k.a. they’re just homophobic and they kicked you out because you’re gay.”

Reportedly the only other student removed from the group had gotten into trouble for conduct problems and didn't get along with his brothers.

Dumont claims he fell into a deep depression after the incident.

“It nearly broke me," the sophomore said. "I went through a very dark period, where I probably wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for a couple really close friends."

He filed a report with UCF detailing the incident and the university says it is investigating.

"The entire reason behind my removal from the Zeta Psi Chapter of Beta Theta Pi at the University of Central Florida was simple; I was an openly gay man," the complaint states.

The president of fraternity, Nathanael Jones, denies the discrimination allegation.

"The men of Beta Theta Pi are certainly disappointed by the recent video statement indicating our chapter is intolerant based upon sexual orientation," Jones told Knight News in a statement.

"Our brothers have gay relatives and gay friends, and we have long prided ourselves on being an inclusive fraternity that values diversity in all forms,” he added.

Dumont says he just wants other LGBT students to know, “It does get better.”

“I wanted to come forward so that if this happened to someone else they knew that somebody had been through this … I’ve walked in their shoes,” he said. “And that they can reach out to me and talk to me … And that UCF isn’t going to stand for this. America isn’t going to stand for this.”


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