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Florida Sports Bar Patrons Get Attacked By Bouncers And Then Get Arrested (Video)

Two men were attacked by bouncers at a South Florida sports bar during the weekend and the incident was caught on video. It has also been reported that the patrons were arrested and have since hired attorneys.

The incident took place at Dirty Blondes Sports Bar, which is located along Fort Lauderdale Beach Boulevard. A video posted on Instagram shows two men being punched and thrown to the ground by men wearing "security" shirts.

Alexander Coelho, one of the alleged victims, reportedly returned to the scene to explain to police what happened and subsequently was arrested on charges of assault on an officer and disorderly conduct.

According to WSVN, Coelho and another customer, David Parker, have bonded out of jail and have since hired an attorney.

Mary Ann Crespo, a friend of the patrons involved in the confrontation, gave her explanation of what went down via Facebook and her comments were shared by The Broward Palm Beach New Times.

"This is a video of my friend Stephanie & her boyfriend, Alex," Crespo said. "They were at Blondies yesterday, got a drink they didn't like, asked for a new one (offering to pay for both) & then got verbally attacked by the bartender. When they asked the security guys at the door for the manager, this is what happened!  I hope they sue Blondies and the employees get arrested! If I lived in Florida, Blondies would never get a penny from me ever again! This is horrible & disgusting. Please help them & share this video. It could've happened to anyone of you out for your Sunday Funday."

The bar posted a statement on Facebook on Monday, reported WSVN, saying in part: "While we do not condone the actions displayed in the 15-second video circulating, no further statements on what led up to, during or after the incident until we review the matter internally with all parties involved."

The following video contains graphic language and violence. Viewer discretion is advised.

Sources: PINAC, WSVN, Broward Palm Beach New Times


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