Florida Sheriff: Cop's Wife Caught On Video Stealing Christmas Presents From Another Cop's Home


Dana Hager, the wife of a police officer, was allegedly caught on a surveillance video (below) stealing Christmas presents from a neighbor's porch on Dec. 4 in Lakeland, Florida. The neighbor is also a police officer, and the presents were for his two-year-old girl.

"The fact that she is a cop's wife is shocking," Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd told WFLA. "The fact that she stole from another cop's wife is shocking."

Grady found out about the theft after his wife told him she had seen the neighbor's surveillance video on Facebook where it got over 50,000 views.

Hager reportedly felt guilty and returned the opened presents during the early-morning hours of Dec. 7, but was charged later that same day with unarmed burglary of an occupied dwelling, petit theft and violation of probation, notes ABC News.

The Polk County Sheriff's officer said that Hager confessed to the theft, but she has not entered a plea yet.

Hager's husband declined to issue a statement.

(Note: WFLA referred to the suspect as "Hagar," but ABC News and the Polk County Sheriff Office's website spells it as "Hager")

Sources: WFLA, ABC News, Polk County Sheriff Office / Photo Credit: WFLA Screenshot

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