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Florida Senior Citizen Under Investigation For Shooting At Robber

An 84-year-old Florida man is being investigated by police after he reportedly fired shots at a robber who was fleeing his home.

According to The Blaze, the man, Ton DiSanto, became aware of the intruder when he saw him stuffing stolen items from DiSanto’s house into his car that was parked in DiSanto’s driveway.

DiSanto yelled at the robber to stop without success. After confronting the man verbally, DiSanto fired shots at his car. DiSanto’s neighbor, Kristi Patterson, saw the whole thing happen.

“He yelled for the boy to stop," she said, reports ABC. "His wife was sitting on the horn — I thought she was having a medical emergency, so I ran over to her. The boy was ramming his car into the fence back there. Ramming it into Mr. Tony's car, trying to get out of there.  Mr. Tony asked him to stop several times. He didn't. He shot at the vehicle. The boy came through the other yard and missed me by about that much and he shot at the vehicle again." 

The only possible issue is that DiSanto fired his gun while the vehicle was fleeing the scene.

"We're still investigating the case," said Dave Bristow of the Manatee’s Sheriff’s Office. "But he apparently fired shots while the vehicle was fleeing, so that's questionable, and so, yes, the investigation continues and we'll probably end up sending it to the State Attorney's Office." 

DiSanto, affectionately called “Mr. Tony” by all who know him, has the support of his neighbors in the case.

“Nobody was afraid of Mr. Tony,” said his neighbor Ms. Patterson. “We were afraid of the criminal.”

There has been no announced hearing date for the case, but you’ve got to think that once the dust settles, DiSanto’s actions will be deemed justified.

Sources: The Blaze, ABC


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