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Florida Seeks Chemical Castration Plus Life Sentence For Convicted Rapist

Florida state prosecutors are recommending a convicted kidnapper and rapist be chemically castrated as well as sentenced to life in prison.

Elmer Keith Bowman, 47, was convicted Wednesday of kidnapping and raping a Daytona Beach prostitute, who he tied up and tortured in his garage in 2011.

He faces 25 years to life in prison for sexual battery and kidnapping with a deadly weapon. Circuit Judge Carlos E. Mendoza set sentencing in the case for next Tuesday.

State prosecutors are asking that Bowman be given a life sentence as well as chemical castration.

Chemical castration differs from surgical castration in that medication is used to reduce libido. It does not sterilize a person.

In a separate case, Bowman is charged with 23 counts of child pornography.

The 28-year-old victim testified that Bowman pulled up in a white pickup truck on April 11, 2011, and pulled a knife when she got inside.

He made her stand on a stool as he tied her neck and hands to the overhead track of his garage door. She claims he also beat her a belt and a plastic pipe, burned her with a cigarette and attached heavy C-clamps to her breasts.

Bowman held the prostitute captive for at least six hours before he fell asleep and she escaped.

Sources: WTEV-TV, Daytona Beach News-Journal


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