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Florida School Calls Police on Kissing 12-Year-Olds

At the Orange River Elementary School in Fort Myers, Florida, two female students were debating over who liked a 12-year-old boy more. At that point, one of the girls reportedly walked over and kissed the boy, leading an assistant principal (whose name was not released) to call the authorities.

The assistant principal initially contacted the Florida Department of Children and Families, which told the school that they needed to call law enforcement. Lee County Sheriff’s deputies were then called to the scene of the possible "crime."

Here's the interesting part: The school says the cops were never called. But a police report was in face filled out and the cops say they investigated the incident.

"They called us and said they caught two children kissing on the playground," Sgt. Stephanie Eller told Fox News & Commentary. "The reality is it was probably something innocent between two kids on the playground."

Eller said the deputies actually wrote a police report and documented the incident, but determined no crime had been committed.

"If it had been a crime at all it would have been a simple battery,” Eller said. “The battery consists of the unwanted touching of one person to another."

Eller said no one was arrested. There was no word on which girl the boy finally chose.


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