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Florida School Bus Driver Takes Students to Her Front Yard so Teen Girls Can Fight

A school bus driver who was tired of two teen girls always trying to fight each other decided to put an end to their feud by allowing them to throw punches at each other in her yard.

Patrice Sanders, 29, worked as a driver in Polk County, Fla. She had been driving the bus for eight months, and one day decided that the only way the girls would stop fighting was if she let them go at it. 

"This is going to be handled today and they just need to fight," she said.

The teens were 13 and 16 years old. Sanders drove the entire bus to her front yard, skipping all of their normal stops, and let the girls fight in the grass. She even offered them baby oil or vaseline for their faces to avoid scratches.

Though the youngest girl told Sanders she did not want to fight, Sanders said she had to. 

Sanders let the students on the bus out so they could watch the fight. Once things started calming down, she had everyone get back on the bus. But the girls did not want to stop fighting, and round two began. The driver then pulled over and let everyone out again to watch the final fight.

She told the kids, "What happens on the bus, stays on the bus."

Later that night, the 13-year-old girl's mother reported the incident to police and took her daughter to the hospital to get checked out.

Sanders was charged with child abuse, child neglect, false imprisonment and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. As the investigation continues, she could be charged with more.

The two girls were charged with misdemeanor battery. 

The bus driver was fired.

Sources: Inquisitr, Black Media Scoop


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