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Florida School Board Official Rants About Secret Codes, 9/11, Hostage-Taking On Live TV (Video)

A Florida school board official made a rambling speech about Islam, kidnapping, 9/11 and secret codes on live television this week.

Vice Chair Angie Boynton of the Marion County School District said she was addressing “someone that is watching” the Tuesday broadcast who had some questions for her. She seemed to be referring to a hostage situation somehow related to the events on September 11.

“I got your message,” she announced, “and I do believe that God is greater than any concern that you’ve sent to me. I do believe that if you could look right now and get to the point that you can see that you don’t have my daughter hostage, that she is safe, and that if you ever thought that you could maintain that stance in my life, you would understand that I believe that God is greater and the power of Him freed her.”

Boynton told the anonymous person she “cannot bow down to Islam in the sense that I was raised to love and respect God, the god that I know.”

She claimed that ever since she cracked a code related to 9/11 more than a decade ago, her daughter has been in danger.

"I did something, that I was not aware of, that shocked you,” she added. “I broke a code and sent it to George Bush, the president, former President George Bush. But I also sent it to former Governor Jeb Bush. And I think that my actions in breaking that code down, coming where I’m from, will let you know that it was about 9/11.”

She said she wouldn't tolerate aggressiveness from the anonymous person.

“I will walk away from any conversation that is deadly – or not deadly, that is confrontational or that has some hatred in it.”

She explained to other viewers that she was “going through a lot of things.”

"It was about 9/11 ... you are going to get sketchy thoughts. I am not able to talk to anyone about it,” she added. “And the police are not able to come near me and they should continue their stance with that. I do have help, and I am OK. But there was someone who wanted to hear something on TV."

School board members were stunned by her five-minute speech.

"I don't know what to say about that," School Board member Nancy Stacy said. "None of us have anything to say because it caught us all off guard.

"I am very concerned, and I don't know what we can do," board member Barol Ely said. "I don't understand why she chose to close the meeting like that."

Boynton claims she is not on any medication, according to theOcala Star Banner.

Sources: Mediaite, Ocala Star Banner


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