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Florida School Apologizes After Offering Field Trip To Only Black Students (Video)


A North Port, Florida, middle school was criticized by parents and forced to apologize after reportedly arranging a field trip for only black students.

Officials at Heron Creek Middle School offered a trip to see a performance by black musicians, but only to its black students as opposed to the entire student body. Several parents expressed their outrage over the incident.

“It just blew my mind that they would do something like that,” parent Deborah Halton told WBBH. 

Parent Lisa Prince blasted the school for their hypocrisy.

“I teach my children not to be racist, and now they’re going to school and witnessing segregation,” she said” she said.

Principal Matthew Gruel subsequently apologized for the incident, saying that the school never had any negative intentions.

“We didn't mean to send a negative message. We wanted to be positive,” Gruhl said, explaining that the reason behind the initial decision was because of limited ticket availability.

Because only 50 tickets were able to be purchased within the school’s budget, officials decided it would benefit its African-American students the most, reports WTSP. Now, the school has 500 tickets allotted for additional students.

“We learned from this. We are sorry if we hurt people's feelings,” Gruhl said. “Now everyone has a chance to go."

Sources: WTSP, NBC Los Angeles / Photo credit: Mad World News

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