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Florida Robber Punches Pregnant Woman In Boost Mobile Store (Video)

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A robber punched a pregnant cashier at a Boost Mobile store in Pensacola, Florida and had her begging for her life Wednesday, in video footage recently gone viral.

In the video, the suspect can be seen entering the store two separate times around 3:15 p.m. The second time, the cashier greets the man and makes conversation about the weather while the man browses the store.

The man then slips a phone into his pocket and approaches the cashier. It appears that he’s reaching into his pocket for a wallet, but he instead swings a punch at the woman and sends her flying to the floor. After disorienting the cashier, the man runs behind the counter and demands she tell him how to open the register.

The man opens the register, stuffs bills into his pockets and continually demands that the woman not move. Terrified, the woman begs not to be hurt and explains that she is pregnant.

“Please, I’m pregnant,” the woman says. “Please don’t shoot me, please.”

The cashier was later taken to the hospital to treat a broken nose. Although she stayed the night under surveillance, both she and the baby are in stable condition.

Video of the incident has since been circulated by police in the hopes that the community can aid in finding the robber. Authorities have described the criminal as a black male, around 6-feet-tall, with a thin build and medium complexion. He can be seen wearing a black shirt, blue jean shorts and dark sneakers in the video.

The Boost Mobile store owner has offered a $1,000 reward to anyone who turns the robber into the police.

Sources: Inquisitir, ABC


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