Florida Resident Singleton Beaten For Confronting Man Sexually Harassing Pregnant Woman


Plantation, Florida resident Jimmie Singleton was brutally beaten on a bus earlier this month after he defended a pregnant woman who was being sexually harassed.

Singleton, a homeless hairdresser, was riding the bus with 22-year-old Ashley Ahringer when an unidentified passenger started to harass her. The man was reportedly asking Ahringer for explicit sexual favors while fondling his crotch.

After she’d heard enough, Ahringer got out of her seat and sat next to Singleton. She then called the police. When she called the police, the harasser told the bus driver that if anyone asked questions about the event, he was just asking her on a date. He then continued to harass Ahringer.

Fed up with what he was hearing, Singleton told the man to be quiet.

"All I told him was, 'Dude, give it a break' and then he yelled a gay slur at me. About 90 seconds later, I am in the fetal position with blood oozing out of my nose," Singleton told the Sun-Sentinel.

Surveillance video shows the man approaching Singleton, who was reaching for his pepper spray. The man then punches Singleton, leaving him on the ground. The harasser then tried to leave the bus, but the doors weren’t open. He then returns to Singleton, still on the ground, and hits him several more times.

Singleton suffered a broken nose, three broken ribs, and a punctured lung. He was hospitalized for eight days, but has since recovered.

"He was such a sweetheart. I cried for a long time for him," Ahringer said. "I remember hearing his nose break. I felt his pain."

Though the man remains unidentified, his image was captured on surveillance footage and police are searching for him.

"The main reason I did it was because I am half-Irish, and I have a can of pepper spray," Singleton said. "When you are homeless, you always have a can of pepper spray."

Ahringer maintains that even though Singleton was beaten, she still thinks his bravery will pay off.

"In my eyes, even though (Jimmie) got hurt, I think he won," Ahringer said. "The jerk ran and now Karma will get to him."

Singleton says he looks forward to seeing his attacker in court. 

Source: Sun-Sentinel, CBS Local


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