'New' Trend: Dangerously Potent Cannabis Wax


Florida law enforcement officers have warned parents about a new method of getting high (it's not new), which they note is performed with the use of cannabis wax and is known to deliver a faster and stronger high.

The substance is also known as B.H.O., butter, honey or oil. The procedure is known as dabbing.

"This particular drug is to marijuana the way crack is to cocaine," Donna Wood, a spokesperson for the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, said. "The first time they use it, they could lose consciousness."

Wood added that the cannabis wax is about 80 to 90 percent THC, and that the effects of the drug can be intense for all users. The creation process, which involves butane or lighter fluid, can also be dangerous.

“Individuals are using butane or lighter fluid to extract the oil from the marijuana plant in order to get that high concentrate,” Wood said. “You’re talking explosions, potential fires.”

Most recently, six people in Polk County were arrested for possession of the drug. One of the men arrested was also charged with making the cannabis wax.

Wood noted that parents should be on the look out for changes in their children’s behavior or the use of such terms like “dabbing.” Declining grades, changes in behavior or new friends could all be signs of association with cannabis wax.

Sources: Fox News, Local 10

Photo Credit: Stuff Stoners Like


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