Florida Police Shoot, Kill Man Over Two Dollars of Marijuana (Video)


Patti Silliman claims that Tampa, Florida police officers are trying to cover up the facts from a drug raid back in May when they shot and killed her son Jason Westcott.

"Tampa police have lied about a lot of things, and they will continue to lie," Silliman told My Fox Tampa Bay (video below).

The Tampa Police Department claims that Westcott pointed a gun at the SWAT team when it conducted a drug raid on his home, so police shot and killed him.

During the raid, police found only 0.2 grams of marijuana, reports The Tampa Bay Times.

"Now my son is dead over two dollars of marijuana and a confidential informant wanting to get off from being in trouble," Silliman added.

Months before the raid, Silliman claims Westcott called Tampa police after learning someone had planned to rob him.

"He goes and buys a security system, and Tampa police say it’s because he’s a big-time drug dealer?" Silliman stated. "No. It’s because he called you to protect him, and then you killed him."

Westcott's live-in boyfriend Israel Reyes admitted they sold marijuana, but just small amounts to friends.

"We would just sell a blunt here and there to our friends or whatever. It was no crazy thing. There weren't people coming in and out of our house every day," Reyes told The Tampa Bay Times. "It wasn't paying any bills. We were still broke... going to work every day."

Tampa police originally claimed that a neighbor led them to Westcott’s home, but then said an undercover officer made drug purchases at the house, but then insisted that the tip came from a confidential informant whom they won't identify.

Tampa police spokesperson Laura McElroy said in a statement that Westcott had been armed, per the informant, and added, "Each time the informant was at his house, he saw pre-packaged marijuana, up to 40 baggies. If you’re just a personal user, you’re not going to have prepackaged marijuana that is for distribution."

The Tampa police are now conducting an investigation of the incident.

Sources: My Fox Tampa BayThe Tampa Bay Times


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