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Florida Police Officer Shoots, Kills Bull To Protect Kids At Bus Stop (Video)

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A police officer in Florida shot and killed a bull that began charging at a group of terrified children waiting at a bus stop.

Nicholas Seuderling, a Fellsmere, Florida, resident, was waiting at a bus stop outside of an apartment complex when he spotted a bull running loose. As the bull began to come towards him, he dialed 911. Seuderling told dispatchers that there were children gathered outside of the complex at the time.

Officer Jeff Gibbs responded to the call, and was flagged down by Seuderling upon entering the complex. Seuderling, who at this point had taken cover behind a tree, quickly directed the officer to the bull, which was moving towards a group of 20 middle-schoolers.

“It was right here, like standing right there, and I just actually came out, and I was right there, and I saw a bull, and he started going, like that with his feet, so I just ran inside,” student Gustavo Linares said.

According to reports, Gibbs recognized the bull and attempted to contact its owner to no avail. In an effort to bide time and protect the children, Gibbs distracted the bull and directed its attention towards him. “That's when the bull turned and came at him, put his head down and came to charge the officer,” Police Chief Keith Touchberry said.

The bull eventually stood just two feet from Gibbs, prompting the officer to shoot the animal three times. It charged Gibbs before knocking him to the ground and trampling him. The bull subsequently ran away, and Gibbs chased after it. He eventually caught up with the beast, who once again charged at the officer. That's when Gibb fired four fatal shots at the animal.

Gibbs drove himself to a nearby hospital, where he was treated for a peripheral nerve injury on his ankle and subsequently released. He is reportedly recovering at home. The owner of the bull was issued a $115 citation for failure to keep an animal under restraint.

Sources: WPBF, YouTube

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