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Florida Police Officer Reprimanded For Sending Text With Racial Slur To Supervisor (Video)

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A police officer in Casselberry, Florida, was given a one-day suspension for using a racial slur in a text message, following another incident within the same department which resulted in the resignation of a Casselberry police chief.

The text, shared between the officer — identified as Matthew Blunt — and two co-workers, was part of a conversation about a winning $32 lottery ticket, and included a version of the N-word. The text garnered backlash from residents after a report about it began to spread, reports WFTV.

“They're there to enforce peace and bring peace to the community, not to be doing that garbage. It shows that they're immature,” Casselberry resident Celeste Lopez told WFTV. “It's scary because if I need a policeman, now it's like, 'Well, is he a good one or a bad one?' It's like a terrible mindset.”

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“You are a grown man. You know your responsibilities. You know somebody is going to see that. You should think before you send something. He's a higher figure,” resident Cassie Daughenbaugh added.

Blunt was given a one-day suspension without pay for sending the text. Interim police chief David Del Rosso told reporters Blunt “took full responsibility, acknowledging his actions.” He said it “has sent a strong message that this behavior is not acceptable.”

Sources: WFTV, YouTube

Photo Credit: Screen Capture via WFTV


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