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Homeless Man Wearing Carpet As Shoes Receives Generous Gift From Police Officer

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One act of kindness has put a Palm Beach, Florida, deputy in the spotlight.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office reported on its Facebook page recently that deputies had been sent to a gas station, where a man was reportedly begging. When they arrived, one deputy found a man wearing carpet for shoes.

"After I get past the necessary, I ask him what size shoe he wears because I was going to get him shoes," oene deputy wrote on Facebook.

The responding deputy said he was going to get the man a pair of shoes, but a K9 deputy reacted first. He pulled a used pair of $200 boots from his truck and handed them to the shoeless man.

Coincidentally, both wore a size 9-and-a-half.

"The guy instantly put a smile on his face," the deputy wrote. "Just goes to show you, we all aren't bad guys. We do protect and SERVE!"

A picture of the two has since been uploaded to Facebook, where it’s been received positively.

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Sources: WPTV, WFLA / Photo Credit: WFLA, WikiCommons


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