Florida Police Officer Drags Woman Into Booking Caught On Camera (Video)

No disciplinary action was taken against a Tampa Police officer after surveillance footage showed him dragging a woman to jail.

The internal affairs reports showed Officer Scott Van Treese had arrested Sonja Mimmenger, 36, in October 2013 for cocaine possession and trespassing. She resisted arrest, so police used “total appendage restraint position, to protect her from potential injury,” WTSP.com reports.

At the Hillsborough County jail, the officer is seen pulling Mimmenger out of the patrol car and placing her face down on the ground. He picks Mimmenger up by her arm as she tries to stand up on her own.

Surveillance video showed Officer Van Treese dragging Mimmenger, whose hands are put in handcuffs behind her back.

According to the internal affairs investigation, Mimmenger refused to walk on her own and was taken to the hospital for evaluation, where she claimed she faked her injury.

The video also showed another man with Officer Van Treese, but IA reports say he was just participating in a police ride along, and is not a person in law enforcement.

According to the investigation, the officer “should have used better judgment in managing the uncooperative defendant by gaining the assistance of booking deputies.”

The Tampa Police Department is changing its policy so that a person who is passively resisting arrest will now have two officers conduct transport, according to Bay News 9.

“It was subsequently revealed that Officer Van Treese was unaware of the HCSO policy that outlines how to handle resistant prisoners or that HCSO would provide assistance in this instance.”

Van Treese received no further discipline and the investigation is now closed.

Mimmenger, who has 78 prior encounters with police, including 41 arrests and 15 convictions, pleaded guilty two weeks later to a misdemeanor charge of possession of drug paraphernalia and was sentenced to time served, The Tampa Tribune reported.


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