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Florida Police Raid Elderly Woman's Home For Drugs (Video)

Police in Florida completely destroyed an elderly woman’s home before realizing that they were ransacking the wrong place.

Back in December, the unidentified 90-year-old says she was surprised when police broke down her door and used a flash-bang grenade that shattered her windows. As officers tore her house apart, the elderly woman says she had no idea what was going on.

“I don’t know how the cops got in here,” the woman told CBS Miami. “The noise woke me up when something said boom! Like a bomb or something.”

Police in Riviera Beach said they had evidence of criminal activity and got a search warrant so that they could look through the home for drugs.

“Cops standing over here talking about where’s the drugs? I said what? What drugs? Ain’t no drugs in here,” the woman recalled. “I’ve never been arrested, never been in jail.”

Police maintain that they searched the correct address and say that even though the woman may not claim to know anything about drug activity happening at her home, it doesn’t mean it couldn’t have happened. Still, reports say that police appeared to have ransacked the wrong home, and now, months later, the Riviera Beach Police Department is paying for the elderly woman’s home repairs.

Sources: Rare, CBS Miami / Photo Sources: Rare, WPTV


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