Florida Police Kill Mentally Ill Black Man Armed With Broom (Video)

Lavall Hall was shot and killed by police in Miami Gardens, Florida, early on Sunday morning because he allegedly refused to comply with their orders and attacked them with a broom.

Hall's mother Catherine Daniels Brown called 911 because Hall, 25, was armed with the broom and allegedly threatened her with it. When police arrived, they found Hall in a neighbor's yard (video below).

[Hall was armed with] a red broom with straws, old red broom," a witness identified as Regina told Local 10 News. "What [is] he going to do with that? With a whole bunch of cop with guns?"

Miami Gardens Police Chief Stephen Johnson told the media on Tuesday night that officers Peter Ehrlich and Eddo Trimino fired their Tasers at Hall after he allegedly hit them with the broomstick.

Chief Johnson said that the tasing had no effect and they chased Hall for a half a block until he turned around and came towards them, noted the Miami Herald.

Officer Trimino fired his gun five times and hit Hall twice, added Chief Johnson, reports CBS Miami.

As Hall lay dying, officers reportedly handcuffed the "struggling" man on the street where he would die moments later.

“Tremino encountered the subject and gave him several commands. He continued to be combative,” added Chief Johnson. “They did the best they could.”

However, Hall's family claims they told police that Hall was on medication because he was bipolar and schizophrenic.

The Miami Gardens police helped place Hall in a mental hospital last week, according to Brown.

Chief Johnson stated that his officers had been called to Hall's home before when he had allegedly lit his clothes on fire and threatened Brown with a knife.

Sources: CBS Miami, 10 News, Miami Herald
Image Credit: 10 News Screenshot


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