Black Man Killed By Police While Eating Dinner In Backyard

Pompano Beach, Florida, is the site of another controversial shooting by police of a black man.

It occurred Sept. 9 when Gregory Frazier, 56, was shot while eating dinner in his back yard, reports New Times Broward-Palm Beach.

His sister, Deborah, had called authorities to the house because Frazier and his daughter were having a fight. However, by the time police arrived, the fight was reportedly over, and they found Frazier sitting in his backyard eating chicken.

According to his nephew, Quartaze Woodard, police twice ordered Frazier to get on the ground, and each time Frazier’s response was “Leave me alone.” That’s when police shot him, says Woodward.

The mortally-wounded Frazier was then handcuffed, after which police attempted CPR, without success. Frazier died at the scene, police report.

Five shots were fired, says neighbor Pastor Miguel Rosa. “They just came in and started shooting right away,” claims the victim’s sister. “I never would have called the cops if I’d known this was going to happen,” she said.

She told dispatchers that Frazier had been holding a small pocket knife, but it is not known whether or not he was still holding it when police arrived. The Broward Sheriff’s Offices would not comment on that possibility.

Hundreds of community members gathered at a local church on Sept. 12 to voice their concerns on the matter, reports WSVN. Speaking at the gathering, the victim’s son, Xavier, said, “I never knew my father would become a part of this pattern of a horrible trend across this country to shoot first and ask questions later.”

Benjamin Crump, the attorney hired by the family, released a photo of a lawn chair where he said Gregory was sitting when he was shot as he ate dinner. “Even when you’re convicted on death row, they ask you what you want for your last meal,” he said. “I don’t think Greg Frazier knew this was his last meal.”

Sources: New Times Broward-Palm Beach, WSVN / Photo credit: Francis Honore via New Times Broward-Palm Beach

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