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Florida Police Dispatcher Accused of Sex With 11-Year-Old Child

In Palm Bay, Florida, police had to cuff one of their own on Monday night after discovering a police dispatcher was allegedly having sexual relations with a minor.

Amanda Chandler, a 40-year-old mother of two and police dispatcher for the Palm Bay Police Department, recently found herself under arrest after her husband, Steven Chandler, told the police details of a relationship Amanda reportedly had developed with an 11-year-old boy.

This information only came to light after Amanda tried to kill herself, reported News 13.

On Aug. 1, Steven called the police after his mother-in-law found his wife on the floor with seven or eight pill bottles. She was reportedly saying, "I want to die." Amanda was then rushed to Holmes Regional Medical Center.

There, Steven went on to tell officials of his wife’s alleged sexual relationship with a child, News 13 documents.

Steven said that he found the young boy a number of times in bed with Amanda, kissing her and, in his words, “hanging all over her.” Additionally, he discovered text messages between the two, including one where Amanda told the child that he was her “soulmate.”

Although her husband demanded she stop seeing the child, Amanda reportedly refused. According to the arrest report, the relationship began around February or March, Florida Today reported.

The incident left Steven, who has been married to Amanda for 19 years, shocked and upset.

"She seemed like she liked to help people ... This has torn my family apart, especially my son," he told Florida Today. "She's an adult ... She knew better."

Amanda and Steven's children are 8 and 10 years old.

Police arrested Amanda at the hospital, and charged her with eight counts of capital sexual battery and five counts of lewd and lascivious molestation. Once medically cleared, she will be taken to Brevard County Jail and held without bond.

Amanda started working for the Palm Bay Police Department three years ago. Her coworkers are also shocked by the events.

"We are sickened by this news, obviously. It's disgusting," Cmdr. John Resh of the Palm Bay Police Department told News 13.

The department immediately suspended the dispatcher without pay and she will soon receive notice of her firing. If convicted, Amanda could be sentenced to life in prison.

Sources: News 13, Florida Today

Photo credit: Palm Bay Police Department


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