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Plumber Discovers The Shocking Reason A Family's Toilet Wouldn't Flush

Few people worry about something biting their behind while sitting on a toilet, but a Florida mother and daughter say perhaps they should have at least considered the possibility when their toilet started acting up recently. 

WPLG News reports Marian Lindquist had to call a plumber to her Fort Lauderdale home because neither she nor her daughter, Lily Lindquist, could get their toilet to flush, WPLG News reports. The water would just keep backing up in the bowl, the two said. 

"I got the plunger. I tried to plunge it. It wouldn't plunge," Marian Lindquist told WPLG. 

They were both shocked when Alissa Scott, a plumber with Roto-Rooter, pulled an iguana out of the toilet. 

Scott said it startled her too. 

“To my surprise, I pulled out that large iguana,” she said. “At first I thought it was a toy, and then it started moving around.

“I've never seen anything like this before,” Scott, a plumber for 12 years, said. 

She said the animal likely entered the home’s plumbing through one of the roof vents. 

Imagining what could have happened gave Lily Lindquist the creeps. She told WPLG she wouldn’t even look at the animal.

“I didn't want to see an iguana in the toilet that I just tried to use,” she said. 

“I don't want to be there when an iguana flies out of the toilet or an iguana bites me when I'm trying to go to the bathroom,” she added. 

Marian Lindquist said the area is full of iguanas and they often see the animals sunning themselves near the neighborhood’s lake. Her daughter agreed and said that is why she is going to make sure the roof vents are covered from now on. 

Sadly, the iguana didn’t survive the ordeal. 

Although Scott said she had never seen it before, critters do show up in a toilet from time to time. 

Last year a Glades County, Florida family had a problem with snakes turning up in their commode, WFTX reported at the time.

Samantha Rudd, a 19-year-old who lived in the house with her dad, had the same fear Lily Lindquist expressed. 

“The police say don't worry it's not poisonous,” she said. “I don't want to get bit by a snake on my butt.”

And more recently, in January, a 6-foot-long Colombian rainbow boa, made headlines in the Los Angeles Times after slithering out of a toilet in an office building in downtown Los Angeles. 

Officials with the Department of Animal Services eventually caught the snake and said it belonged to someone who had an office in the building. The snake, a Department of Animal Services representative said, likely entered the building’s plumbing while searching for water. 

Sources: WPLG News, WFTX News, Los Angeles Times

Photo Credit: Screen shot from WPLG News


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