Florida Pizzeria Sells Python Pizza


In an effort to lower the local Burmese python population, Florida pizzeria owners Evan and Avis Daniell created “The Everglades” pizza pie: a combination of alligator, frog and python meat.

“I’m very adventurous when it comes to food,” Evan Daniell said.

Daniell explained that there are a number of exciting flavors in the pizza. The python, for example, is marinated to remove the “gamey” flavor of the meat. The frog’s legs add a chicken-like flavor, but with a cleaner taste.

Over the past two years, since the pizza was put on the menu, roughly 150 have been sold. According to Avis Daniell, out-of-towners are often the ones who order the pizza because they perceive it as daring.

The outlandish 14-inch pizza runs for $45, since python meat costs about $66 per pound.

“You gotta be careful,” Daniell said on eating “The Everglades” pizza pie, “you don't want it to bite you the next day.”

Daniell hopes to add a roadkill pizza to the menu next, which would include armadillo, raccoon and possum meat. However, he has yet to find a supplier.

Sources: NY Daily News, The Huffington Post


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